36th Annual Meeting

joint ventuere with 10th Annual Meeting of the working committee for pediatric immunology at German Society of Immunology


Organ-specific Features of Inborn Errors of Immunity

Session 1:

Brain - Prof. Shen-Ying Zhang (New York)


Session 2:

Lymphatic Organs: Prof. Alain Fischer (Paris)

Session 3:

Bone Marrow: Prof. Christoph Klein (Munich)

Session 4:

Lungs: Prof. Matthias Griese (Munich)

Session 5:

Liver: Prof. Philip Bufler (Berlin)

Session 6:

Blood vessels: Prof. Marco Gattorno (Genua)

Session 7:

Body surfaces: Dr. Joshua Milner (Bethesda)

Session 8:

Neoplasms: Prof. Jürgen Ruland (Munich)





Poster Announcement
API Meeting 2019
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